Adding Your Extracurriculars

    1. From the Dashboard, hover over Activities > Extracurriculars

    2. Fill in the following fields:
      • Name
      • Description – Describe the extracurricular category
    3. Click Add New Extracurricular

Note: The extracurricular categories will only appear listed under Extracurriculars on your website menu if they are checked off when adding/editing an Activity.

Example:, scroll down to the extracurriculars section on the home page. The descriptions appear below the extracurricular heading

Categorizing activities that are not part of your course work.

Although the platform is intended for you to connect to your UBC experience, the web space is yours to use as you see fit for whichever audiences. You own it, you keep it after you graduate. Your web space is intended to present you as a whole person, showing where you’ve come from, what you’re doing now, and hopefully assist you with seeing where you might go in the future. With this in mind, presenting a wide range of Extracurriculars make sense.

In terms of the Learning Significance section of the Extracurricular activities, everyone knows we learn a lot from being part of clubs and teams, jobs and volunteering, travelling, and any other experiences where you do new things, meet new people, and learn something. You will
find that some of the same Skills you assigned to coursework, are applicable to your Extracurricular activities (e.g. teamwork, leadership, etc.).