Editing Your Courses

If you are a student in the Faculty of Arts, all of your Arts courses should be auto-populated. For each Activity that you did in a course, check off the box beside the appropriate course. Once a course is linked/added to an activity, that course will now appear under the Courses menu item on your home page. When the course is linked/added to more than one activity, all of those activities will appear when that course is selected from the list of Courses on the home page.

For non-Arts courses, and any courses you are registered in and/or have taken but which don’t appear, you can manually add them.

Arts courses are pre-populated into your site as basic course codes. To provide context and meaning for your audience, it is recommended for you to edit the course name and description.

    1. From the Dashboard, go to Activities > Courses

    2. Hover over a course code listed in the right column > Edit

    3. Edit the following fields:
      • Name -Include the name of the course beside the course code
      • Description – Describe the course.
    4. Click Update

Only Arts courses are pre-populated into your site, however you can manually add other courses as well.

  1. From the Dashboard, go to Activities > Courses
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name
    • Description – Describe the skill, your level of expertise, how it is useful in relation to your audience, etc.
  3. Click Add New Course

Note: Courses will only appear listed under Courses on your website menu if they are checked off when adding/editing an Activity.

Example: Go to christayeung.ubcarts.ca, scroll down to the courses section on the home page. The descriptions appear below the course heading.