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What is an ePortfolio?

Your ePortfolio is your personal online space to use for collecting, journaling, archiving, curating, sharing, and presenting all of your curricular and extracurricular activities that contribute to your growth, skills, and knowledge.

Your use of the Arts ePortfolio website can be thought of as an ongoing process and representation of what you are learning and what you are able to do.

The platform doesn’t provide you with a blank website. It is structured around what are called, very generally, Activities. The idea is that any activity can contribute to your learning and can be described and reflected on. These activities may include essays and feedback on them, tests/exams, research designs, performances, creative work, datasets, presentations, book reviews, journals, mathematical models, computer code, videos of skills, podcasts, accounts of travel and field trips, events and activities in student organizations and clubs, volunteer and work experiences, comments and feedback from instructors or peers, self-reflections, and more.

Technically, the ePortfolio is a tool created with WordPress software that makes it easy for you to share digital content on the internet. But its real purpose is to enable you to start to find your intellectual and professional identity and to learn to communicate that identity to multiple audiences.